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Balanced Coffees

Medium Roast Subscription

Medium Roast Subscription

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Get our best Medium Roast coffees.

A perfect medium between light and dark. 

High quality coffees with tons of character that really come to life with the roasting process.

These are approachable coffees that have fruity flavors and mild acidity, along with nutty and chocolatey notes.

Great for all brew methods. 

When I brew these with pour over, I aim for a long slow brew time of around 3:30 to maximize the sweetness. They are not as dense as a light roast so I definitely use pulse pours to extend the brew time.

Espresso may be a bit more difficult but worth the effort for a fruity and chocolatey cappuccino. If you're struggling, grind coarser and pull a longer shot. Like 1:3 ratio in 30 seconds. 
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