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Chocolatey Coffees

Espresso Subscription

Espresso Subscription

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Always have fresh espresso beans on deck.

High-quality beans roasted for espresso.

Get our flagship Espresso blend every month.
This is chocolatey mix of the best coffees we currently have.

Tasting Notes:

Plum, Red Berries, Creamy Dark Chocolate

1/3 Field Blend Kenya (washed)
1/3 Pink Bourbon from Colombia (washed)
1/3 Field Blend from Guatemala (washed)

Roasted just dark enough to bring out the chocolatey flavors but still keep some mild floral and fruity notes. 

Brew this at a 1 to 2 ratio for espresso.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeremiah Larson
Great espresso

Really great espresso subscription offering two uniquely different blends. Once dialed in, each roast gives great versatility and brews exceptional espresso.

Sam Garivaltis
Coffee is top notch!

Ordered the espresso blend. I had been getting store bought "freshly roasted" coffee for ages. Ordered this blend and there was a noticeably different taste.

Even before tasting you could smell the difference.

This is genuinely fresh and delicious!